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Hire Private Roving Guards To Enhance Security

At Centurion Security, we offer a patrol service that involves much more than just driving around in a marked vehicle. Our security officers patrol and secure a large number of properties all across the Wasatch Front every day all year. With multiple patrol cars operating each night, we bring safety, security, and peace of mind to all of our clients.

Providing the Ideal Security Plan for You

Before designing a patrol program for you, our team will meet with you personally to discuss your site requirements and offer our suggestions. Our key security implementation topics include:

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  • Security Concerns – We want to learn about issues you have encountered in the past and what you believe are your greatest security vulnerabilities
  • Patrol Schedule – Based on your concerns and budgets, we will determine an effective patrol schedule and the number of visits you need
  • Lock and Unlock Requirements – If you want our lock and unlock services, we can also discuss the required timing as well as key control and accountability
  • Foot Patrols – We can determine the need for supplementing drive-by service with foot patrols, whether such patrols are regularly scheduled or based on situations observed on site
  • Emergency Procedures – We can also talk about the potential emergency situations that might arise at your site and agree on the right protocol for response and notification
  • Reports – Every day, we will provide clean and clear electronic patrol reports you can save and print if you need to. During implementation, we will determine precisely what information you want to receive and who your assigned contact is
  • Accountability – Our officers have both personal GPS tracking devices on their person, and a secondary GPS tracking device on all fleet vehicles. This provides you with accurate accountability and maximum efficiency
  • Communications – We utilize the latest in high-end radio technology. Our devices can be used to communicate anywhere from North Salt Lake all the way to Spanish Fork. Our officers are in contact with one another throughout the night as they make their patrols
  • Affordable Services – Mobile patrol is one of the most cost-effective services in the industry. It allows for a nightly security presence at your property 365 days a year.
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Get Real-Time Updates From Roving Security Officers

With our security professionals working on your site, you can have peace of mind that your properties are being carefully monitored. Our team will keep you updated using cutting-edge GPS reporting technology. As our client, you can get free GPS reporting services from us. This ensures that you are getting outstanding solutions from a reputable company.

Using Technology To Keep You Safe

We use an innovative GPS verification system to report our patrol unit locations. Our clients can receive electronic notifications with time and date stamps for every patrol conducted. We can even include images of security and safety-related issues.

Get in Touch With Us Today

For provable and measurable quality results, look no further. Centurion Security has got you covered. Please note that to keep our quality of service high, we limit the number of clients per patrol area. If we cannot accommodate your request, we will refer you to a credible alternative. Contact us today to see if your property qualifies for our superior mobile patrol services.